Benefits of Muay Thai Training

two men training in muay thai

The trend of group training is growing day by day in the fitness industry. In the recent few years, the industry experienced a considerable rise in the trend. Held in various locations like gyms and parks, these training sessions offer many advantages. If you are looking for an answer to the question “why I should do group training”, this article is for

Muay Thai is best defined as the science of eight limbs. It is a special type of kickboxing that originated in Thailand. However, this intense kind of combat and contact sport is now gaining huge popularity around the world. 

People who have spent enough time learning Muay Thai believe that it can help achieve amazing body sculpting benefits. This leads to fantastic weight loss effect. Moreover, many people do it as a form of full body workout that can improve the strength of several muscle groups. 

It involves a variety of physical activities and routines like shadowboxing, kickboxing, jumping rope, and running. It includes both anaerobic and aerobic exercises. Alloting 60 to 90 minutes of daily training can even help you burn around 1200 calories in one session!

This is the main reason why most of the people who gravitate towards a healthy lifestyle get attracted to Muay Thai. Not just the Thai people, even many tourists, and foreigners also prefer getting trained for Muay Thai to enjoy a fitter, healthier and stronger lifestyle. 

We listed some of the benefits that you might want to know before training:

Great for self-defense

You’ll never know when people with bad intentions will cross your path. If you had some training, you already know the best self-defense techniques to handle real-life encounters. With the appropriate use of eight limbs along with enhanced body strength, you can beat your attackers quickly. 

This sport is known as a strike-based technique where you will find many confident ways to pin down your opponents. The best part is that these methods are pretty simple to learn. You will be ready to defend yourself adequately just after six months of professional training.

Supports cardiovascular wellness

You can achieve amazing strength and endurance with this sport as it is both anaerobic and aerobic activity. Shadowboxing, jumping rope, and running make the best form of aerobic activity. While kicking, punching, kneeing, and elbowing are the most effective forms of anaerobic exercises included in your training. 

Studies reveal that the aerobic element involved in this process helps enhance cardiovascular performance. You will develop better strength and stamina important for optimal wellness.

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Muay Thai exercises are the best stress reliever

The more time you train, the more you will feel relaxed. This training is mainly linked to the stress hormones of the human body. When you train, stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline drop to a certain level. Moreover, the body starts producing more endorphin which is the best mood reliever. Therefore, regular Muay Thai exercises are recommended for people experiencing depression and stress in their lives. 

This self-defense technique also awaken the inner warrior in you. Encouraging you to strategically face any situation in life. This fighting technique can give you more confidence leading to a calmer mind. 

Helps in forming great abs

Getting six-pack abs is the dream of many. Since Muay Thai involves lots of kicking and twisting, you can develop better abdominal muscles through these movements.

People who are developing their six-pack abs pay more attention to the typical training sessions. These involve kicking on the bag, shadow boxing, skipping knees, jab-cross combos, and clinching your partner. All these movements can easily tone up your abdomen. When you strike hard on bags and pads, you will burn more fats as well. And if you control your diet, you can achieve great abs within a shorter period. 

Achieve best physical shape 

You might have observed that many people fail to follow their workout routines for a long time. Some may say that they missed a session because of work while some may mention lack of time. But sometimes the real score is, people get bored of monotonous gym routines. Doing cycling, weight lifting, and cross-training every day may not give you the real motivation to do the workout. In this combat sport, you will learn exciting and new tactics every day. If you could only witness a Muay Thai training in Thailand, you will be impressed by their workout sessions. This sport keeps you motivated to do something new every day. You will achieve your desired body shape within a shorter time with this level of motivation.

Understand different culture

There are so many styles and ways that you can learn during your training. It is also a way of learning more about Thailand. Moreover, you will make new friends in your training sessions. This can simply open you up to different ways of life. If you would like to immerse  yourself in the Thai culture and are planning to visit Thailand, knowing the principles of Muay Thai definitely helps. You will surely meet like-minded people while learning something new. 

Now you have gone through some of the mental and physical health benefits of training. If you think this is for you, Muay Thai World Champions at Full Force Gym can help you get enrolled in your training sessions. It is the best way to increase your stamina, mental health, and develop your fighting spirit as well. If you do these exercises on a regular basis, you will achieve great strength and endurance.